Complete Support Solutions Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Production Print Solutions is the largest Independent Service Organization in the US for production printing, maintaining more than 3 billion feet of usage and over 100 million page clicks annually. Available on a variety of printers and presses, PPS can provide several service and maintenance options as well as custom support options to meet the needs of your ever-changing business, not only for printers and presses, but also for software and workflow support.

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We provide proven, outstanding service with a wide array of support options that ensure your critical production keeps moving and the business stays running when you need it.  Available around the clock, the PPS team stands with you at every step in the process of maintaining your investment. From delivery and install, to hardware care and upkeep, software upgrades, effective preventive maintenance and emergency corrective maintenance solutions, our factory-trained and industry-certified service professionals are committed to you and your success.

With nearly 100 field engineers, covering over 30 markets, our professional staff will diagnose and resolve any issue in a timely manner.  Focusing on first-time fix and uptime, the PPS engineers only work on Production Equipment in the Print-for-Pay Market, so they understand the importance of minimizing your downtime and maximizing your productivity better than any other service provider. To prove that point, our uptime is 95% or better in the markets we serve.

How We Support

Contract Support designed around your business needs

The most common option, this puts your mind at ease that support is simply a phone call away. Options include corporate coverage from 8am to 5pm all the way up to full 24X7 coverage – as you need it.

On-Phone live resolution

Within 30 minutes of your call, our engineer will be connected to you and work to diagnose the issue and potentially provide a resolution on the spot.

Field Engineer On-Site

If phone resolution is not the right option, the closest and best-qualified engineer for your machine will be dispatched to your facility and arrive typically within 2 hours of your initial call.

Diagnostics & Communication

With some of the most state-of-the-art onboard computer diagnostics, once onsite, PPS will work to pinpoint the affected area quickly eliminating wasted time troubleshooting. Preventive Maintenance is also reviewed to ensure the machine is within specification, possibly avoiding additional unscheduled visits.


Periodic review and changes to how we manage our logistics and inventory has all but eliminated parts issues. Virtually 95% of spare parts are available on site or locally to ensure a quick resolution.

Post Service Follow-Up

Upon request every customer receives an electronic service report to document service

Early in your relationship with PPS, as you are considering becoming a customer, we perform a number of analyses including a site analysis, inspections, and audits to make sure the proposed solution and its installation will meet your facility and production requirements as well as performance expectations:

  • Workflow analysis
  • Production tools audit
  • Site analysis & space utilization
  • Solution design

Upon your order, the PPS team works with you to plan and provide pre-site service preparation, registration of operators and scheduling of any needed on-site training. To achieve a smooth launch and start-up, PPS will  provide the following:

  • Hardware configuration and installation
  • Process training
  • Operator training
  • Application/software testing
  • Pre/Post testing
  • Live work assistance
  • Operator readiness assessment

Production Print Solution Service does continual monitoring and preventative maintenance that works to anticipate potential interruptions in machine and workflow performance on all their serviced lines of equipment.

Although most technologies and machines are designed for uptime and dependability, occasionally there can be an issue that may impact operation. Our goal is minimal downtime in your environment. As a Service Provider, we have in place a system of notifications and support access that is very effective to maximize your production.

  • Remote diagnosis
  • Call Center – Help Desk
  • Comprehensive knowledgebase as service resource
  • International service headquarters access

Our trained Service team members are experts on your machine and your software. You receive rapid response from live field engineers and, when required, on-site product support specialists that work on nothing but production-class solutions. We understand the impact on our customer’s business when production is down and work until the problem is solved:

  • Call Center – Help Desk access
  • Dispatch of Field Product Support Engineers
  • Support Contract Service
  • Comprehensive US-based parts inventory on-call distribution
  • Call completion – service/parts summary

With PPS, our support does not end at the completion of a call. We follow up and offer options for avoiding repeat incidents, provide recommendations for production process improvements and seek your input into our performance.

  • Post-service electronic service report document upon request
  • Review of monitoring and maintenance solutions

Our PPS Support Team

When you have a need to contact us, you receive the attention of specialists who have extensive experience, many who are 20+ year industry veterans, serving customers like you across the spectrum of production hardware, software and associated applications.

    PPS Lady at desk

    All of our professional field engineers are experts on your machine with full understanding of your installation and operational needs. And unlike many companies, PPS affords you access to all of our team including our National Operations Manager and Vice President of Service.

    With PPS, we operate as a team with complete, closed loop processes with our goal to keep you in production longer.