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We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do


Service to our customers, where the customer IS first…

Production Print Solutions is dedicated to:

Work in partnership with our customers to consistently meet their unique requirements by delivering high-quality support and service, providing a challenging and rewarding workplace for our employees while achieving steady, long-term growth.

Mission 2

In February 2024 we joined forces to become SumnerOne | PPS, and we’re thrilled!

As the largest independent service organization in the US, and now with the expanded resources and partnerships, we are poised to offer even better services and support to your customers across the US. Headquartered in Laurel, MD, Production Print Solutions has service locations nationwide, along with more than 50 site stocking locations and 2 national warehouses for parts and equipment.

Our commitment to providing tailored service agreements, maximum coverage, and exceptional support 24/7 demonstrates our dedication to customer satisfaction. This customer-centric approach is key to maintaining loyalty and trust in the competitive print industry.

The new partnership with SumnerOne and the addition of top dealer status for renowned brands like Kyocera, Canon, HP, and Xerox further solidify our position as a leader in the market. Leveraging these relationships and resources will undoubtedly lead to continued growth and success for SumnerOne | PPS.

By maintaining our focus on delivering high-quality solutions and exceptional service, we’re ensuring that our customers will continue to receive the best possible experience and bring even greater achievements and opportunities for you – our valued customers. With SumnerOne, we are equipped with the recipe for success, and we are committed to crafting the perfect solution for you, both now and in the future!

Production Print Solutions customers produced more than 3 BILLION feet of print annually and our customers understands that PPS knows the importance of keeping their production printers running effectively and with maximum uptime like no other service provider in the US.

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Edmund Sumner

Managing Director

Liz Sumner2

Liz Sumner

Managing Director

Brian DeFazio

Brian DeFazio


George Ulmer 1

George Ulmer

Vice President, Operations

Anne Lafayette OPT

Anne Lafayette

Vice President, Marketing & Planning

PPS Darcel Burwell

Darcel Burwell

Field Manager Midwest

PPS-Dean Evans

Dean Evans

Field Manager Northeast

John Dambrowski OPT

John Dambrowski

Field Manager Southeast

Mike Nowak OPT

Mike Nowak

Field Manager Mid-Atlantic

“It is a rare thing to have two companies merge who are already so unified in their mission. The founders of PPS and the multi-generational owners of SumnerOne believe that service is our product, promise, and lifeblood. Combine that with the fact that we want to drive this joint mission many decades into the future, and you have a powerful combination.”

-Liz Sumner, Managing Director

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