There is something very special about a woman who rises to the top in a predominately male run business field.  It takes a certain grace and intelligence, strength, and fearlessness. With that said, please meet:   JoAnn Loos, Founder & CEO/CFO, Production Print Solutions, a certified Woman Owned Business.

Established in 2002, PPS is the largest Independent Service Organization in the U.S. providing sales and support for Production Print customers. JoAnn’s Mission: “We take care of our people, and we take care of our customers. When we do that, the rest will fall into place. At Production Print Solutions we absolutely understand that a company is only as good as it’s people.”

During the month of March, PPS – which is a Woman Owned Business, took time to give a little extra attention to all the amazing accomplishments of the strong, determined women in our company, and although there are few, they are mighty!

Just a little background… since 1987, the United States has formally recognized March as National Women’s History Month. Every woman has a story to tell and gifts to share. Someone once said, “all it takes is 5 strong women, and they can accomplish anything.”  Well, PPS is fortunate to have 6 women onboard – so get ready, because this is about honoring the magnificent ladies of PPS!

JoAnn Loos – Founder, CEO & CFO
From 2002 on – JoAnn has been at the helm. Her calm demeanor and keen business sense is what keeps the company as strong as it is today.  

Carol Beaver – Human Resources
Carol has been managing Human Resources and Benefits since 2008.  She works to ensure our benefits are not only competitive in the market, but great for the employees.

Donna Sefcik – Logistics
With PPS since 2007, Donna is a strategic team member in the Logistics group, specializing in toner sales and shipments.

Cara Lynagh – Accounting
Cara has been with the company since, 2011 and smoothly handles accounts payable keeping the company on the right side for finance.

Samantha Martin – Accounts Receivable
A relative newcomer, Sam has been with the company for 7+ years, starting in the Laurel office. She now works out of Iowa and is major support to the entire Field as well as Acct’s Receivable.

Anne Lafayette – Service Planning & Marketing
Newest to the company but coming to them with 33+ years of experience in Production Service, Anne handles the reporting, Service Planning and Marketing activities for them.  

Production Print Solutions Service – Unparalleled Support

Production Print Solutions provides proven, outstanding service with a wide array of support options that ensure your critical production keeps moving and the business stays running when you need it.  Available around the clock, our Production Printing Services (PPS) team stands with you at every step in the process of maintaining your investment. From delivery and installation to hardware care and upkeep, software upgrades, effective preventive maintenance, and emergency corrective maintenance solutions, our factory-trained and industry-certified service professionals are committed to you and your success.

Production Print Solutions helps to keep your production print processes in-house with a wide variety of options for the entire end-to-end configuration of Konica Minolta and Canon Digital Printers, RSI and Spedo cutters, RSI unwinders, RSI rewinders, and more – all perfectly matched to the array of digital color printing and inkjet solutions in Production Print Solutions portfolio.

With more than75 field engineers, covering over 30 markets, the professional staff at Production Print Solutions will diagnose and resolve any issue in a timely manner.  Focusing on first-time fix and uptime, the Production Print Solutions engineers only work on Production Equipment in the Print-for-Pay Market, so they understand the importance of minimizing your downtime and maximizing your productivity better than any other service provider. To prove that point, our uptime is 95% or better in the markets we serve.Open document settingsOpen publish panel

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